Wixen Music UK


Publishing Administration

Wixen Music UK Ltd offers a bespoke administration service with an emphasis on maximising royalty collections. Our agreements are short-term and we don’t take any ownership of your songs.

We do analysis on the royalty income that we receive, statements are scrutinised, which ultimately results in our clients receiving more of their own money.

As part of our administration services, we protect and exploit the copyrights of our clients, but the final ‘say’ remains with the client, enabling the client to have full control over their works.

Neighbouring Rights

Wixen Music UK Ltd. offers a neighbouring rights collection service which includes a detailed research process to ensure that each of our clients’ contributions to recordings is accounted for.

We apply the same high quality administration that we pioneered in publishing administration to neighbouring rights collection for our clients, which enables us to tailor our service to suit studio musicians as well as featured artists.

For more information, please see our Neighbouring Rights FAQ page.