Wixen Music UK


How to request music

  • Allow adequate time to obtain approvals. In many instances, we have to speak to our overseas partners or we have to track down a touring songwriter for approval of your request, and this can take time.
  • Provide us with complete written details of the proposed use. For books, tv shows, and films we will require plot descriptions, and text pages showing the in-context placement of the proposed use. Your request may be filled out using our online form, or sent to us via email or post. Because it is in our clients’ best interests, we maintain a paper trail of licence requests, negotiations, and issued licences.
  • If we send you a licence or an offer to licence, and you wish to change the proposed terms, please send your counter-offer in writing.

Please click here to request a licence

How not to request music

  • Don’t tell us you only have one day to clear the use. And don’t call us every two days to see if we have an answer yet. We will contact you as soon as we know if the requested use has been approved.
  • Don’t tell us how low your budget is. If your request is approved, we will quote based on our perception of the fair market value.
  • Don’t expect us to educate you in the clearance process or copyright law because you’ve never cleared anything before. You should know what you’re doing before you contact us. Consider hiring a clearance professional.
  • Don’t expect approval on a request just because you’re a bona fide good-deed-doing charity. Many of our clients get dozens of charitable requests per week and they cannot all be approved.
  • Don’t ever send us a letter stating that if you don’t hear from us, you will assume that the use has been approved. This will prompt an immediate and permanent denial.
  • Don’t change our forms or the terms of a licence unless you have sent us a written request asking to do so, and we have approved such request.
  • Please don’t chat-up our telephone receptionist. It has zero bearing on whether your request will be approved, or the speed in which it will be considered.
  • No means no. It is not an invitation to appeal a decision or send further information that you meant to send in your original request. If you call our client or his or her manager or attorney directly to appeal their decision after they have already denied the request through this office, or if you waste our time arguing a quote or usage decision, we may take that into consideration when considering any future requests you might make.