The Company

From the beginning, the emphasis has always been on providing ultra-high-quality administration with extra consideration given towards royalty analysis, while both protecting and exploiting our clients’ copyrights. We don’t try to function as bankers and collateralise your earnings with advances. We function simply as copyright administrators. You keep your copyrights, we keep our money, and you get to retain more of yours.

Statements which we receive on behalf of clients aren’t merely filed or key punched into the royalty system. They’re scrutinised closely to ensure that, among other things, all songs have been accounted, payments are based on the licenced rates and shares of ownership, and all sources (and likely sources) of income have rendered timely accountings.

We are the sister company of Los Angeles-based Wixen Music Publishing, Inc. and we offer the same elite administration and music publishing services in the UK.  For more information about our US sister company please visit their website:

Our extensive network of mostly independent sub-publishers are some of the best in the business and we can represent your catalogue throughout the world or only certain territories as necessary.

In addition to publishing administration services, Wixen Music UK Ltd. is proud to also offer neighbouring rights collection services for artists, producers, session musicians,  background singers, and almost anyone who made an audible contribution to a sound recording.  This royalty stream is often overlooked and can be considerable.  Please see our neighbouring rights FAQ page for more information.